Indoor and Outdoor noise control 24/7

Kunak Noise let you to be informed 24 hours, 7 days. We analyze data and report you periodic informs.

Install Kunak Noise

Place this device in each zone to be monitored. Easy installation.

Look at data

Kunak Noise device sends data to a safe cloud platform. This means data can be read in any location with a computer or mobile device (android or iOS) with Internet connection.

Analyze results

Get our periodical summary reports about noise levels. We use data analysis and data visualization tools to offer you easy and visual information. Besides, prediction algorithms can be applied to anticipate problems.

Real time sending data

The device sends noise data periodically to Kunak Cloud private platform. In this way, you can read data anywhere, anytime. 

Adaptative customer

Add a screen monitor to show factory noise levels in orden to get improved internal brand. Versatile due to API connection.

Engagement cost & precision

Kunak Noise is a Class 2 device. Also, the correlation for horary values between Kunak Noise and Class 1 sonometer is 0,97.

Easy installation

IP67 protection box, can be installed anywhere. Can be powered by solar panel.


Cloud Service

Safe and private on-line platform to storage data
and manage the device

Data Analysis – Custom Reports

We perform data for you. We use Big Data tools for analyze data and show all the information (R software for data analysis and Plotly for data visualization). We report you periodically customized informs.